ADGA Registered Sable, Lamancha & Experimental Dairy Goats

We are located in the beautiful Emmett Valley in Southern Idaho. Looking to the north, we have a view of the beautiful butte and to the south, we see what is left of the once bountiful fruit orchards - thus our herd name was born! 

Our herd, like so many others, started when our oldest son joined 4-H and chose the dairy goat project. What started with two dairy goat kids has evolved into a growing herd enjoyed by the whole family.   Early on our focus was Mini-Alpines and Mini-Toggenbuergs but after much thought and discussion, we made the decision to disperse our mini dairy goats to concentrate on raising ADGA Sables as well as a few Lamanchas - continuing to learn as we go.

We practice strict CAE prevention - our kids are hand-raised on heat-treated colostrum and/or colostrum replacer and pasteurized milk. We do feed by lamb-bar but our kids are handled daily and love attention. We feed quality alfalfa hay and pasture and offer free-choice salt and minerals. We worm,as needed,  with Ivomec and Safeguard for goats. Each animal is also vaccinated annually with CD&T and BoSe and supplemental copper is given as needed.


We participated in our first ADGA Linear Appraisal in 2014.  LA is an excellent tool and the things we learned were well worth the time and effort. 


                                                                                   ****Please note - we do NOT sell our milk****