2018 Nigerian Dwarf  Doe     D1936949
Sire:  Ocrober Road Reposado D'Odeon
Dam:  Cherry Butte OS Harley (2013 AGS National Champion Jr. ND Doe)

Show Record:
'18 WIF 4-H/FFA Show - 1st, Ch. Jr. Nigerian
'19 ISDGA Spring Classic 1x1st, Jr. Champion
'19 WIF ADGA Show - 8th


Secret is a character - always first to the door to be milked.  She peaked at 2.9 lbs as a first freshener and is holding at 2 lbs a day.  There is room for alot more milk in her very soft pliable udder - nice sized teats are easy to handle and she milks down to nothing.  She would make a fantastic 4H project.  $350.00  ****SOLD****


019 Lamancha Doe     L2013134
Sire: Meyer's RDON Shadowfax
Dam:  Timber*Cove SC Syringa

Show Record:
2019 ADGA National Show - 20th Place Sr. Kid
2019 Western Idaho Fair - 2nd Place Sr. Kid


Catori is a very level, upstanding doe kid with nice extension of brisket (her legs needed to be set more under her shoulders) and strong feet and legs.  Freshened with a single doe kid that we have retained.  Peaked at 3.4 lbs and is holding at 3.0.  She comes when called and is excellent on the stand for hand or machine milking.  From late maturing lines, she would be best as a family milker.  $300.00  ***Breeding to Kaddar observed on 10/6***


2018 Lamancha Doe     L1936948
Sire:  Meyer's RDON Shadowfax
Dam:  Timber*Cove Cash Q-Pee Doll


Show Record:
'18 WIF 4-H/FFA Show - 1st, Ch. Jr. Lamancha

Ella is as friendly as they come.  Easy to milk by hand or machine.  She is a smaller doe and would be a wonderful home milker.  She peaked at 5 pounds this spring and is holding steady at 4 even with the heat. $250.00  ***Breeding to Legendary observed on 10/6***

CL/Johnnes Negative per testing 9/23/20

CL/Johnnes Negative per testing 9/23/20

017 Lamancha Doe     L1842694
Sire:  Lucky*Star's LD Falkor
Dam:  Prize of Zion Call Me Whimsy

Show Record:
18 Canyon County Fair - 1st, Res. Champion Jr. Lamancha
2019 WIF ADGA Show - 9th

Batgirl is, unfortunately CAE+ - her breeder let us know shortly after we got her that she had fed pooled milk and a doe came back positive (she has since sold all of her Lamanchas).  Batgirls breeding intrigues us and we made the decision to keep her and breed for a doe kid.  She has always been housed, managed and milked separately from the herd.  She has always been handmilked and is awesome on the stand.  She peaked this spring at 6.2 pounds and is holding steady at about 5.5.  We were going to go ahead and keep her to feed calves but employment situation has changed and we need to lighten the load.  Since it has been hot, one of her knees has swollen but she is still sound.  We will include her yearling mini Togg/mini Lamancha wether friend to keep her company - 90% sure he nursed off her last year after he was weaned but he has not been tested.  She would make an awesome family milker and could probably milk-through this winter without being bred again.  MAKE OFFER

CL/Johnnes Negative per testing 9/23/20

2019 Lamancha Buck   L2013135 - DNA
Sire:  Starlet Lace Pear Kaddar
Dam: Timber*Cove Cash Q-Pee Doll

Show Record:

'2019 ISDGA Spring Classic - 4x 1stm, 4x Jr. Champion Lamancha Buck


We had retained Orion last year thinking he was sired by a buck we lost - but DNA said differently.  I am not sure if she visited the buck or vice versa but DNA doesn't lie!

Orion is a very mellow young buck and is very easy to handle - we used him on one doe last year and have retained the doe kid.  $300.00 - the work of submitting samples for DNA testing is done and he is ready to go!


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